Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Numeric Textbox Jquery Plugin

Many times we struggle with numeric validations on an input box.
Here is a numeric simple textbox plugin.

Though i have made sure all the validation occur on keypress some of the validation occur onblur event.
This plugin can be improved by your suggestions.They are always welcome.

Features :
1. Configurable Number of digits after decimal
2. Configurable Negative Numbers
3. Changes background Color of the input box incase of validation.


 $("[isNumeric='true']").NumericTextbox({ NoOfDigitsAfterDecimal: 2, AllowNegativeNumbers: false });

   <asp:TextBox ID="txtNumeric" runat="server" Text=".." isNumeric="true"></asp:TextBox>

Click here to download Numeric Text box Plugin

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